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No. sentence
1 Police and the villagers all unanimously ascribed the forest fire to thunder and lightning.
2 All the representatives seconded the proposal, and it was carried unanimously.
3 It was passed unanimously by the Las Vegas City Council as part of a bill making it a misdemeanor to go to the bathroom in public.
4 animals unanimously vanished from the mammal's room furnished with Spanish furniture.
5 Therefore, all human individuals have become unanimously and profoundly indebted to (obliged to, attached to, dependent on) Nature.
6 The court ruled unanimously that this would deprive Walmart of defences in individual cases that it was entitled to.
7 But, in test cases brought by men from Cameroon and Iran, three Supreme Court judges unanimously ruled the policy was a breach of the UN Convention on Refugees.
8 Funny thing is, when we recently closed one of the most egregious loopholes for companies creating jobs overseas, Republicans in Congress were almost unanimously opposed.
9 assembly also voted unanimously against them.
10 Bringing the EU holdouts into line would increase pressure on other havens to open up, though it will not be easy: tax policy in the EU must be agreed unanimously.
11 By developing the business case using business process management in BDD as an entry point, the EMR proposal was accepted unanimously by the steering committee.
12 The resolution was adopted unanimously.
13 S. House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passed a resolution backing legislation to make terms like those in the UAE deal the norm, but it has yet to become law.
14 be as much as can be expected from a union in which 27 members must decide money matters unanimously.
15 The court sided unanimously with Walmart on one question, concerning back pay.
16 In April, the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passed a resolution backing legislation to make terms like those in the UAE deal the norm, but it has yet to become law.
17 On reforming the Security Council, the West unanimously backs up Germany and Japan in their effort to become a permanent member of the Council.
18 Although her inheritance remains uncertain, the United States Supreme court (no less) unanimously ruled that she could pursue her case in federal court.
19 Almost unanimously, they think the NASA scientists have failed to make their case.
20 And then, an extraordinary thing happened: the board unanimously approved random drug testing of students who participate in extracurricular activities.
21 At the United Nations Security Council last fall, we unanimously passed Resolution 1887 endorsing this comprehensive agenda, including the goal of securing all nuclear materials.
22 At the Pacific food Summit, participating countries and territories unanimously endorsed a framework for action on food security.
23 All the robbers unanimously approved of the captain's proposal.
24 Wolfowitz was unanimously confirmed as the next President of the World Bank by the institution's Board of Executive Directors, representing the Bank's 184 member countries, at a meeting March 31st.
25 Leaders of all the ASEAN member countries unanimously recognized the complete market economy status of China.
26 The Security Council should adopt the draft resolution quickly and unanimously as a display of the international community's strong resolve to take more stringent actions in regard to North Korea.
27 Three judges unanimously upheld the sentence.
28 The Court unanimously rejected such a "Trial by Formula, " as Justice dubbed it.
29 animals decided unanimously to create a military decoration, ‘Animal Hero, First Class’, which was conferred there and then on Snowball and Boxer.
30 In September, the U.S.Senate unanimously approved a bilateral investment treaty with Rwanda, the first such agreement with a sub-Saharan African country since 1998.