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unaffiliated in a sentence

1. 76% Jewish, 20% Arab, and 4% unaffiliated.

2. Unaffiliated mosques are forcefully closed.

3. Unaffiliated 353,946.

4. 15% were unaffiliated to any religion.

5. The unaffiliated Albany Family &

6. new unaffiliated political clubs were created.

7. and new unaffiliated political clubs were created.

8. and the greater number of unaffiliated (37.3%).

9. Many people are unaffiliated and non-religious.

10. in 2016, he described himself as unaffiliated.

11. The two non-profits are separate and unaffiliated.

12. There were a few that were unaffiliated.

13. and 26% are unaffiliated.

14. Sanctioning body: None, unaffiliated track.

15. Mr Macozoma is now politically unaffiliated.

16. Its editorial staff is private and unaffiliated.

17. Cllr Simpson is unaffiliated to any group.

18. See below under Unaffiliated.

19. Approximately 18% of Americans are unaffiliated;

20. KLDS is unaffiliated with the LDS Church.

21. The WAB, however, is politically unaffiliated;

22. Since then, he has been politically unaffiliated.

23. He claimed to be unaffiliated.

24. Others (independents and "unaffiliated") 8 seats.

25. He has been unaffiliated with a party since 2010.

26. Later it appeared as an unaffiliated publication.

27. He is ethnic Serb, and politically unaffiliated.

28. She is religiously unaffiliated.

29. it was unaffiliated in other seasons.

30. Unaffiliated does not necessarily mean irreligious.