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unaffected in a sentence

31. intelligence, however, is unaffected.

32. Their angular positions are unaffected.

33. Foreign subsidiaries were unaffected.

34. Other African Germans were unaffected.

35. They had to be short and unaffected;

36. Tertiary alcohol groups are unaffected.

37. Civil liberties are quite unaffected.

38. The enzyme is unaffected by heparin.

39. an unaffected aunt in Shim's Family;

40. And it is all pure, unaffected music.

41. Most people seem unaffected at birth;

42. The level 1–4 limits were unaffected.

43. Male fertility is typically unaffected.

44. Rajasthan could not remain unaffected.

45. Scottish students remaining unaffected.

46. SKY has been relatively unaffected.

47. All other counties were unaffected.

48. Commercial Vehicles remain unaffected.

49. The compound is unaffected by acids.

50. Cell entry into mitosis is unaffected.

51. Fruit juice viscosity is unaffected.

52. The promotional version is unaffected.

53. But when he does, Chan is unaffected.

54. However, speech remained unaffected.

55. only the 2015 season was unaffected.

56. Sensory nerves are usually unaffected.

57. Normal Camp operation was unaffected.

58. Core autism symptoms were unaffected.

59. Most of the brain in MS is unaffected.

60. The Trevors are an unaffected family.