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No. sentence
1 They urged other town residents unaffected by the quake and tsunami to do the same.
2 If a singer hits a pitch that matches the frequency of one glass, the glass might absorb so much acoustic energy that it will shatter; the other glasses remain unaffected.
3 Why singing always fills their thatched cottages and their faces are often covered in bright unaffected smile?
4 Bhutan is one of the most isolated nations in the world, and one where local traditions have remained the most unaffected by Western styles and economical practices.
5 When it's flushing data to disk, other IO operations seem largely unaffected.
6 But Alibaba says its other operations will be unaffected because they fall under a less fussy regulator, the Ministry of Information.
7 tally of murders linked to organised crime has risen over the past four years in Mexico, analysts have warned that insecurity is spreading to areas that were previously unaffected.
8 The plane uses a piston engine rather than a large-scale turbine jets, allowing it to travel unaffected through the ash, unlike large commercial jets.
9 The remaining 85% of senior unsecured debt would have been unaffected, as would the bank’s secured creditors and its customers and counterparties.
10 Only single females with no children, those who could work flexible hours, and women whose partners were responsible for the bulk of childcare were unaffected by the daily commute.
11 This is not the kind of crisis, like an earthquake or a flood, where some fortunate, unaffected parts of the world can generously assist those who are suffering.
12 Among the 25 Banks with the lowest ratios of RWA to total assets, most have innocuous explanations and will be largely unaffected by Basel III.
13 Furthermore, my sightseeing schedule was unaffected by hotel check-in and check-out times; I could carry my little bag to museums and tourist sites, and stash it in a locker when need be.
14 He said it would not be until next year before the company would be able to more accurately predict underlying demand, unaffected by the distorting effect of restocking.
15 Through the processes of yoga the body is rendered so subtle and pure that it is transformed into a yogic body which is unaffected by old age and disease.
16 The poorest Mexicans have been largely unaffected, since they are concentrated in the south and mainly work in farming, where output has held up.
17 Filling the hole will involve harsh measures, but Mr Osborne sought to represent the first cuts as largely pain-free, leaving the quality of "front-line" public services unaffected.
18 The unprecedented global scope of these efforts could change pay practices broadly as well as prompt top managers to move to unaffected companies.
19 If the North American businesses of GM and Ford filed for Chapter 11, their activities elsewhere would be largely unaffected.
20 There is also a potential for epizootics and associated human epidemics to spread to areas that were previously unaffected.
21 hard to believe that consumer spending will be unaffected, once homeowners realise that their houses are no longer doing their saving for them simply by going up in price.
22 Housing markets in some emerging economies, meanwhile, seem entirely unaffected.
23 Everything on Liberty Island outside of the statue is unaffected.
24 So, although there has not been any oil in New Orleans, we have worked really hard to get the message out that all of the things visitors come to enjoy in New Orleans are unaffected," she said.
25 People in most of the areas that would be affected could be allowed to come out of shelter within a few days and, if necessary, evacuate to unaffected areas.
26 Middle East unrest is probably the major issue under discussion, but no one is sure what will happen, except that virtually no country in the region will go unaffected.
27 really is no reason to think it is getting darker, as once again, the hair follicles underneath your skin determine hair color and they are completely unaffected by shaving.
28 There may be some ways to test this idea, but most of the following discussion is unaffected.
29 This approach also allows for a transparent addition to the security policy, as account lockouts and password change processes will remain unaffected.
30 The intent is to show that only the process or the thread executing the transaction is affected, while the overall transaction manager remains unaffected and available for other kinds of work.