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No. sentence
1 The average response time is usually chosen because often, if the goal is unachievable and unrealistic, the zWLM function discards any attempt to achieve it.
2 We are impoverishing ourselves in pursuit of a consumption goal that is inherently unachievable.
3 Even though his talents were very well known, he preferred to be anonymous, something unachievable for such a superstar.
4 providing an engaging goal to motivate people to achieve it because they want to rather than a made up unachievable deadline.
5 When limited to a single enterprise, that same scale is unachievable, reducing the number of users who will find it valuable.
6 Follow your dreams and you will achieve the unachievable.
7 I hope that each of us can follow what Sima Qian advocated, "Though unachievable, aspiration to it remains."
8 Excellence, it is hard, but nothing is unachievable , except you do not want to proceed, so hurry up!
9 Cheap, pesticide-free food is probably an unachievable objective.
10 describe the IPCC's assumption that the majority of future emission reductions will occur spontaneously, in the absence of climate policies, as "optimistic at best and unachievable at worst".
11 On the one hand, the current system has brought many problems, such as the out-of-order land market, an unachievable goal of the value of the land, damage of the land rights of farmers.
12 Anarchists consider the idea that the state is the collective will of the people to be an unachievable fiction due to the fact that the ruling class is distinct from the rest of society.
13 Since he thought that full union among the British North American colonies would be unachievable for many years, on March 28, 1864, Tupper instead proposed a Maritime Union which would unite the Maritime provinces in advance of a projected future union with the Province of Canada.
14 Given the British government's recommendations to grant independence quickly, Mountbatten concluded that a united India was an unachievable goal and resigned himself to a plan for partition, creating the independent nations of India and Pakistan.
15 Utopia as an ideal to strive for is not a concept wholly limited to feminist science fiction, however many non-feminist science fiction works often dismiss utopia as an unachievable goal, and as such, believe that pursuits for utopia should be considered dangerous and barren.
16 In the event this proved unachievable and instead Leicester employed William Spicer to rebuild and extend the castle so as to provide modern accommodation for the royal court and symbolically boost his own claims to noble heritage.