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No. sentence
1 Since the new tree was unable to reproduce naturally, caretakers amputated some of its limbs and grafted them onto other citrus trees to produce more of the desirable fruit.
2 We could not reason out which way the robbers escaped, because we were unable to find any trace of them.
3 Unable to feed their daughter, they sold Guan to a neighbor as a child bride when she was 5 years old for three silver COINS.
4 He invaded northern China and captured Peking, but was unable to subdue the whole country.
5 Do you ever find yourself unable to walk past that local chocolate shop or mesmerized by the chocolate figures in the window display?
6 was badly swollen and saliva dribbled from the corners of his mouth, he was unable totalk and his legs were too heavy to walk.
7 Current spelling correction modules would be unable to provide a useful link for this case.
8 There she lay year in year out, unable to move, and with no hope of recovery.
9 Seeing the old man was unable to lift his half-frozen body from the ground, the horseman dismounted and helped the old man onto the horse.
10 I tossed about all night, unable to fall asleep.
11 His poor method of learning by rote made him unable to deal with the problems in his work flexibly.
12 possibly apocryphal) tale tells of reindeer dying because they were unable to breathe, so thick were the clouds of insects.
13 She was unable to be at his bedside when he died.
14 Coming around a bend, they met a lovely girl in a silk kimono and sash, unable to cross the intersection.
15 Sales fell so sharply toward the end of 2008 that automakers were unable to chop their production fast enough to keep up with dropping demand.
16 Unfortunately for science, the nearest young stars that could be producing planets are so far away that conventional telescopes are unable to discern what is in the cradle.
17 Thereupon, they pointed to the empty loom, and the poor old minister kept opening his eyes wide, but he was unable to see anything because there was nothing to see.
18 She held the seed packet in her hands and squinted through the rain up at the cloudy sky, unable to see the moon.
19 Therefore, if the project starts to slip, they will continue to add resources until unable to do so.
20 But with threats, a language barrier and fear of the legal system, victims are often unwilling or unable to seek help.
21 Unable to find a bed and unimpressed by the rabbit warren of slapdash buildings, Ms. Liu scowled as the smell of trash wafted up around her.
22 Lorries full of supplies have been unable to get petrol on the empty expressway north, reserved for "emergency" vehicles.
23 Where a motor vehicle meets with a breakdown or traffic accident on the expressway, and is unable to run normally, it shall be pulled or drawn by a rescue vehicle or a wrecker.
24 illness disabled her and left her unable to study and work.
25 It also means that Brazil, keen to play a bigger role in the region, has championed a cause that it may prove unable to bring to a victorious conclusion.
26 The government is unable to carry out everything it promises; some of what he says may be just show.
27 By raising sealevels, and therefore the grounding line, in their model, Katz's teamwere able to find the point of no return beyond which the glacier wouldbe unable to recover.
28 But the medical professionals squealed; the public-which also seems unable to distinguish between the interests of patients and those of practitioners-tends to listen to them; the government blinked.
29 Unable to raise cash, Russia's heavily indebted billionaires have been forced to give up prime assets pledged as collateral or beg for bailouts.
30 The institute that looks after the secret-service archives is concerned that it will be unable to certify the purity of as many as 700,000 people within the time limit stipulated by the law.