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ultimately in a sentence

121. The accord ultimately failed.

122. He ultimately finished third;

123. The effort ultimately failed.

124. His plan ultimately succeeds.

125. CF.299 was ultimately chosen.

126. Ultimately, Sam chose diving;

127. They are ultimately too late;

128. Iorio ultimately did not run.

129. He ultimately finished tenth.

130. He ultimately marries Helene.

131. He ultimately forgives Miklo.

132. Their idea ultimately failed.

133. The action ultimately failed;

134. Brady was ultimately paroled.

135. This escape ultimately fails.

136. The revolt ultimately failed.

137. He ultimately chose Rubinism.

138. Ultimately, he was acquitted.

139. Stoller ultimately prevailed.

140. Anda was ultimately selected.

141. Ultimately, he was not hired.

142. 20 would ultimately be built.

143. He ultimately finished tenth.

144. This was ultimately declined.

145. Uthman was ultimately chosen.

146. it was ultimately rated EF4.

147. He was ultimately acquitted.

148. Sons ultimately won the war.

149. Ultimately, he catches Rosy;

150. They ultimately find a cure.