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No. sentence
1 Ultimately, we all have to decide for ourselves what constitutes failure, but the world is quite eager to give you a set of criteria if you let it.
2 After all, our privacy and security on these sites — in terms of how much we share with others and what we consume — is ultimately up to each of us.
3 If we don't change it, however, marketing will continue to have productivity problems that will ultimately be more than twice the cost of the increased expense for sales.
4 Most people actually like to be helped to improve their performance as this will ultimately make them more successful in their careers.
5 She found that this process ultimately results in an asymmetry that stimulates cells to migrate in the direction of the flow.
6 His most recent film, the Ledge, was accepted into competition at the 2011 Sundance film Festival and deals with the ultimately fatal feud between an atheist and an evangelical Christian.
7 Ultimately, I agreed to sell him the book for nine cents.
8 in many states, Massachusetts elementary and high school students must pass a series of standardized tests during their scholastic careers, ultimately as a prerequisite for high school graduation.
9 Bolstered by finance from the City, he resisted the lure of a foreign takeover, ultimately listing on the London Stock Exchange.
10 But ultimately only a small fraction carried multiple strains of rhinovirus.
11 Your age, gender, activity level and overall health will ultimately determine which type of diet is best for you, but the pyramid is a great place to start.
12 It means the Web connects us, as people, to each one of the individuals online; and those connections, ultimately, extend from one of us to all of us.
13 These prions become malformed and in turn make all healthy prions they encounter malformed as well, in a chain reaction that ultimately destroys brains by turning them into a spongy mush.
14 If Greece, Ireland, and Portugal do not restructure their debt in an orderly fashion they will ultimately have to default unilaterally.
15 Imagine standing in a dome and watching the Sun go nova - from the inside, as if you were in the center of the star watching the plasma currents swirl, contract, expand, and ultimately explode.
16 Ultimately, this creates a classic integration issue: the problem of management integration.
17 Ultimately, it is the responsibility of managers within these organizations to better understand what MDD actually is, what it can do for them, and how to do it correctly.
18 The cost of the chip will depend ultimately on how many SNPs are required, but analysing a sample should cost no more than $10, and that should drop as the technology matures.
19 His long narrative poem Venus and Adonis borrowed from Ovid's Metamorphoses exhibits Renaissance humanists' advocacy of desire to reason and ultimately attaining harmony of the two.
20 If we're using it as something more than that, (like as a solution for your life), you'll ultimately fail. It's like trying to eat a steak dinner with only a spoon.
21 Working hard and being smart with your money aren't things you just should do because they seem virtuous; these behaviors ultimately allow you to get more enjoyment out of life.
22 She had to grapple with local social norms, such as the reluctance of its saleswomen to speak to strangers, but she ultimately succeeded in turning the business around.
23 old saying,” be yourself” is very true and is ultimately what will attract the woman of your dreams.
24 Ultimately, if we bring peace all around us, then it can spread from there.
25 Obviously, the "test" task will depend upon what you ultimately want your assistant to do.
26 Ultimately ending up with a group of thermalized neutrons that also have a certain probability of leakage from the reactor.
27 For certain models, small perturbations to the extra dimensions would probably cause all the black holes and strings to ultimately merge into one giant black hole.
28 As you can see, we are ultimately heading towards a fairly complex environment in which to perform tracing.
29 The activists were held and interrogated for several days, though ultimately not fined or taken to court.
30 Ultimately there will be enough steel, energy, food and so on to meet demand – supply is responding.