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two sets in a sentence

1. Ginepri won the match in two sets.

2. From this emerged two sets of work.

3. Two sets of images are acquired.

4. The arch bears two sets of reliefs.

5. Gaudio won the next two sets;

6. The two sets took over two hours.

7. He also wrote two sets of piyyutim.

8. Part 3 has a two sets of pictures.

9. There were two sets of ōtabumi.

10. There are two sets of walls;

11. These two sets were scrapped.

12. Each match is compose of two sets;

13. It comprises two sets of fibers.

14. two sets of Welsh airs;

15. There are two sets of rules;

16. Lanna has two sets of numerals.

17. The game has two sets of joysticks.

18. Serena won in two sets.

19. There are two sets of webisodes.

20. It has two sets of hour markers.

21. she lost to the Czech in two sets.

22. We knew we had to get two sets.

23. Jenkins lost to Kudla in two sets.

24. Two sets of golden beads.

25. The album consists of two sets.

26. The mill had two sets of stones.

27. Djokovic won easily in two sets.

28. Djokovic again won in two sets.

29. Djokovic won in two sets.

30. Two sets were erected in Dahisar.