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two major goals in a sentence

1. Anarchists' tactics take various forms, but in general they serve two major goals, namely to first oppose the Establishment and secondly to promote anarchist ethics and reflect an anarchist vision of society, illustrating the unity of means and ends.

2. To guide women in this transition, professional home economics had two major goals: to teach women to assume their new roles as modern consumers and to communicate homemakers’ needs to manufacturers and political leaders.

3. There were two major goals Zhu believed were necessary to achieve this vision, which Zhu began while serving as China's vice-premier.

4. Having accomplished his first two major goals, La Follette next focused on regulating railroad rates, but the railroads prevented passage of his bill in 1903.

5. Cato appeared to have two major goals in Cyprus.

6. The Vatican had two major goals at this point: to stem the rise of Socialism and to monitor the grassroots Catholic organizations (co-ops, peasant leagues, credit unions, etc.).

7. Ture had two major goals: to create an efficient, loyal fighting force equipped with modern firearms, and to build a stable state.

8. In order to assess and examine the effectiveness of the newly developed OPM-to-SysML algorithm and application, Dov Dori and Yariv Grobshtein performed a controlled experiment, which had two major goals: They carried out the experiment within a lecture of the course "Enterprise Systems Modeling" taught in 2008.

9. Starting in the 16th century Spanish explorers and settlers arrived in the Philippines with two major goals: to participate in the spice trade which was previously dominated by Portugal and to evangelize and in nearby civilizations, such as China.

10. The Vatican had two major goals at this point: to stem the rise of Socialism and to monitor the grassroots Catholic organizations (co-ops, peasant leagues, credit unions, etc.).

11. Therefore, the donors had two major goals: to fuel Palestinian economic growth and to build public support for negotiations with Israel.

12. The WOCE was meant to address these problems by providing new data collected in ways designed to “meet the needs of global circulation models for climate prediction.” Two major goals were set for the campaign.

13. Morrone scored two major goals for the U.S. team, the winning goal in a 2–1 victory over Suriname and another winning goal in a 1–0 victory over Costa Rica.

14. Faye Wattleton had two major goals upon becoming president: (1) reproductive health, and, (2) gender equality.

15. Automated X-ray inspection is used in a wide range of industries and applications, predominantly with two major goals: Whilst AOI is mainly associated with electronics manufacturing (due to widespread use in PCB manufacturing), AXI has a much wider range of applications.

16. Two major goals were distinguishable in this policy — The first was to reduce the economic burden which Belarus laid on its economy and the second was to take over the energy transit infrastructure in Belarus.

17. It has been revised extensively to achieve two major goals: (1) to identify a set of "impulsiveness" items that was orthogonal to a set of "anxiety" items as measured by the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale (MAS) or the Cattell Anxiety Scale, and (2) to define impulsiveness within the structure of related personality traits like Eysenck's Extraversion dimension or Zuckerman's Sensation-Seeking dimension, especially the disinhibition subfactor.

18. It serves two major goals.

19. The society had two major goals: to establish a mission presence in Central Africa, and to actively oppose the slave trade.

20. Superintendent Duerring stated that school officials' two major goals, if the shortfall was to occur, is to maintain the current curriculum as much as possible, and not decrease employee wages or benefits.

21. In preparation for these elections, two major goals of the provisional government were universal suffrage and unemployment relief.

22. NPO Pangaea and universities in Japan and Vietnam worked on an agricultural support project with two major goals: low rice productivity and the environmental burdens caused by the excessive use of agrichemicals.

23. Two major goals are to restore the hydrology of the bayou's tidal creek system and to enhance the degraded vegetation communities by removing exotic species and planting native species.

24. General Ulysses S. Grant, commander of all Union forces, had two major goals in the Shenandoah Valley: eliminate Early's army and make the Valley unable to support any Confederate armies.

25. The two major goals of the Boston chapter of MACT were to continue combating racism, particularly within the LGBT community while simultaneously fighting to end homophobia in society as a whole.

26. Efficiency and fairness are two major goals of welfare economics.

27. He has two major goals in life - to get married soon and to own a good house.

28. When allocating objects among people with different preferences, two major goals are Pareto efficiency and fairness.

29. Economic growth and full employment are two major goals of the macroeconomy, concern the operation and development with healthy, steady economy of our country.