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two axes in a sentence

1. Clustered columns emphasised the "crossing" of the two axes.

2. Interchanging the labels of any two axes reverses the handedness.

3. The older two axes control system was offered as an option.

4. The third-person modes are usually categorized along two axes.

5. Some say because the Tenedians honor two axes in their dedications.

6. The verb classes in Arabic are formed along two axes.

7. She carries a set of two axes which are her weapons of choice.

8. The two axes allow for nine alignments in combination.

9. These two axes form an inverted cross when viewed from above;

10. Two axes found in Western Norway on display in Bergen.

11. The bilateria have two axes of polarity.

12. Education was divided into two axes: humanities and sciences.

13. It has two axes of motion.

14. It has two axes, one east and one south.

15. The 1st Ukrainian Front attack was to have two axes of attack.

16. Love and death are the two axes around which her poetry revolves.

17. The classification has two axes: topography and morphology.

18. The two axes have a different angle, and this has some advantages.

19. The plan has two axes, perpendicular to each other.

20. The other two axes are near the equator.

21. The reflector tracks the Sun along two axes.

22. She carries a set of two axes which are her weapons of choice.

23. Multi-row heads allow rotation about two axes.

24. The verb classes in Moroccan Arabic are formed along two axes.

25. Blake and Mouton used two axes.

26. The custom dice enable the dice having results on two axes;

27. The research is organized along two axes in interaction.

28. In general, the ribs move around two axes.

29. The wall of the wall is cut by windows in two axes.

30. Two axes, one for importance, the other for urgency, intersect.