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two-fifths in a sentence

1. Listen to the two fifths here:

2. roughly two-fifths of the total are mulattoes (mulattos;

3. About two-fifths of the island's population live in Visby.

4. The tail is typically docked to two-fifths of the natural length.

5. Two-fifths of all Nigerian oil ended up in Britain.

6. Brothers, consisting of about two-fifths of the material.

7. about two-fifths of generation originates there.

8. The body (Latin: corpus) forms less than two-fifths of the acetabulum;

9. Approximately two-fifths of students are White British.

10. McCulloch won the run-off by two-fifths of a second.

11. The axis of the eagle is at two-fifths of the flag's total length.

12. New York City is home to more than two-fifths of the state's population.

13. At least two fifths were in languages other than German.

14. In Canterbury, about two-fifths of occupied land was freehold.

15. McCulloch won by two-fifths of a second.

16. It destroyed two-fifths of the city of Saint John.

17. He would, in return, receive two-fifths of the profits.

18. Two-fifths of the army's soldiers were either ill or missing.

19. The body whorl is equal to about two fifths of the spire.

20. The fire destroyed two-fifths of the city and left 20,000 homeless.

21. The Amazon Basin corresponds to two fifths of South America's territory.

22. The hindwings are pale rosy pink, the basal two-fifths are grey whitish.

23. Two-fifths of Britain's heavy bombers in World War II were Halifaxes.

24. The hindwings are ochreous yellow, the dorsal two-fifths grey.

25. There is a somewhat oblique transverse line at two-fifths.

26. The distal two-fifths of the wing are yellowish brown.

27. The apical two-fifths of the wing are lightly infuscated.

28. The aperture is narrow, long, two fifths the length of the shell.

29. The aperture is narrow, about two-fifths as long as the shell.

30. That year American public debt was just over two-fifths of GDP.