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No. sentence
1 When he walked past the couple, he raised a thumb and gave the boy a smile, as if they were conspiring comrades; the boy, caught off guard, grinned disarmingly before turning his face away.
2 So what have we learned, and what do those lessons tell us about the current likelihood of a crisis turning into a market-shaking bear?
3 Once you have made a promise, there is no turning back.
4 One month after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India and Pakistan are turning to brinksmanship because they have not yet found a way to talk constructively.
5 I struck on turning on the radio on the way to the station.
6 Now young women are turning him, and the warlords who fought against him, into objects of hero worship.
7 The car winked before turning.
8 She bustled about, turning on lights, moving pillows around on the sofa.
9 This tells you how fast you're moving raw materials through the factory, turning them into finished products, and moving those products off the shelf to customers.
10 Its population pyramid has become dome-shaped and is slowly turning into a pear.
11 He wanted to land his plane when the left engine of the plane stayed turning.
12 The company is now turning over thousands of pounds each year - with orders flooding in from as far away as America.
13 Before turning, you should slow down your car.
14 If you have time to dry them by hand or let the air do it for you, turning off the heat cycle on your dishwasher is a good way to reduce heat.
15 But certainly we could go much further toward private ownership than we have until now, turning rivers, for example, into private property, as is done in Scotland.
16 By turning away from the truth, these people are choosing the wrong path... a road that is sinful and will lead to their death unless they repent and turn to Jesus.
17 If there's a fire or explosion, you don't want your clothes turning into a napalm-like substance on your skin.
18 The study emphasizes that turning off and on the aid tap creates an excessive burden on the struggling economies.
19 These prions become malformed and in turn make all healthy prions they encounter malformed as well, in a chain reaction that ultimately destroys brains by turning them into a spongy mush.
20 About three hundred yards farther on there is a turning to the left.
21 Infants discover their hands, turning them this way and that, mouth their fists, and experiment with clasping and unclasping fingers.
22 he turning out a bit of a hypocrite, and coming into the country to work mischief under a cloak?
23 Hanna loving me with cold eyes and pursed mouth, silently listening to me reading, and at the end banging the wall with her hand, talking to me with her face turning into a mask.
24 BERLIN - the past still thrusts itself back into the headlines here, occasionally as an unexploded bomb turning up somewhere. Now it has reappeared as art.
25 For instance, they try to solve a production problem, assuming (perhaps unconsciously) that developing software is like turning out products on an assembly line.
26 Add slightly more or less noise and the characteristics of the switch change, turning it into a different kind of logic gate.
27 A similar row may be looming in the Church of England, where a bunch of Anglo-Catholics are turning to Rome in protest against women becoming bishops.
28 Turning, he shakes his head playfully: "Well, you did it first, so that's that idea gone."
29 And that TAB interface provides visual cohesion to your process, turning a series of disconnected pages into a single interface.
30 Fish might swim into them while being chased, unwittingly turning themselves into packaged snacks.