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No. sentence
1 Someone turned on the music, and Gates grinned and shook her head.
2 They turned back from the gate.
3 The cold weather turned the leaves red.
4 The doctor turned the patient over and looked at his back.
5 He soon turned his attention to the difficult problem.
6 They turned the soil after the harvest.
7 Only two workers turned over this year.
8 The stock market turned down sharply.
9 He turned and I slapped him right upside the head.
10 Flattery has turned his head.
11 Then Shahin turned and crouched down with his back towards me.
12 I went out of the car and approached the door. I turned right and went down the hallway towards the office.
13 Mother turned an old garment.
14 Some impractical suggestions were turned down by the committee.
15 The boss turned away our request for a pay rise.
16 He walked over to an open trash bin, turned the container upside down, and dumped the contents inside.
17 As June turned into July, I set out to learn more about Gejiu’s tobacco industry and the Hongyun Honghe Company, perhaps the least well known of the world’s major tobacco companies.
18 The eyes winked three times, and then they turned up to the ceiling and down to the floor and rolled around so queerly that they seemed to see every part of the room.
19 we entered his modest house he beckoned us onto his bed, unbuttoned his shirt and turned on an asthmatic fan.
20 He turned to a colleague who had decided to witness the arrival of the informant causing all the excitement.
21 She turned around and saw her teacher.
22 He turned a garage into a library.
23 He turned the key over to me when he left the room.
24 Nobody thought that he had turned out a great inventor.
25 The professor has turned aside my paper for a month.
26 The study turned out that the men were pretty good in general at remembering girls who'd shown interest, especially if they were pretty and provocatively dressed.
27 Bradley, a coal worker turned farmer, said he had been laughed at when he first planted them, but his crop turned out so well that other farmers want to try.
28 My boyfriend still reminds me of the time I wore a pair of sassy heels out to see his favorite band and made him leave before they even went onstage because my feet had turned into bleeding stumps.
29 Four employees were turned off this week.
30 Like the ancient Greeks, its inhabitants turned their backs on their rocky soil, venturing out to fish and trade with distant shores.