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trying in a sentence

121. In trying to stop her he falls.

122. "I was trying to make the team."

123. Vulcans must mate or die trying.

124. "I wasn't trying to kill myself.

125. I was always trying to escape."

126. [Roma] had passed a trying day.

127. He's not trying to be Freddie."

128. That's what I'm trying to show."

129. They're trying to erase history.

130. He's not trying to harm anyone."

131. You're trying to entertain them.

132. Please, we're trying to count!"

133. Violet realizes Pete is trying.

134. He's not trying to be Freddie."

135. He starts trying to reform her.

136. "We're not trying to speculate.

137. Chamizo had a trying childhood.

138. I really like trying new stuff.

139. "I was just trying to get down.

140. I was just trying to do my job.

141. I'm trying to pursue my dream."

142. Eugenia says that she's trying;

143. That is not for want of trying;

144. What are they trying to hide?".

145. now I'm trying to get it back."

146. Or see this guy trying to park?

147. Gome, too, is trying to evolve.

148. Trying to shut outthe darkness.

149. I'm trying to orientate myself.

150. I'm trying to buy some cheroot.