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trying in a sentence

91. He's not trying to be Freddie."

92. Trying to hide evidence of Mrs.

93. And I’m going to keep trying.

94. and trying to poach employees.

95. I'm not trying to be crazy now.

96. Let's trying boring him some!"

97. We are trying out new things".

98. for trying to leave the label.

99. I was trying to quit drawing."

100. someone is trying to kill him.

101. I'm trying to stick with that.

102. perhaps he's trying to escape.

103. Biff was trying to wake Linda;

104. People are trying slow eating.

105. She is trying to seduce Frank;

106. She is trying to find herself;

107. No use in trying that again."

108. I wasn't trying just to copy.

109. I was trying to make a point.

110. and trying to rewrite history.

111. We weren't trying to provoke."

112. Trying to Forget may refer to:

113. I ain't trying to hurt nobody.

114. We're not trying to sack you.

115. He is trying to expose her...

116. it had been trying since 1847.

117. What harm is there in trying?

118. And HUD is trying to seize it.

119. I'm just trying to pop a zit.

120. Shh I'm trying to think here.