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No. sentence
1 He risked his life in trying to save the drowning boy.
2 They are trying to round up those robbers.
3 The travelers are trying to peg down their tents in the storm.
4 He said a reporter had asked him whether cigarette smoking should be banned in film and TV and he was trying to argue that bad behavior needed to be regulated in real life first.
5 I suggest trying once more.
6 Father is trying to figure out his tax.
7 We are not trying to push either of these models.
8 I quit therapy because my analyst was trying to help me behind my back.
9 The stance that I'm trying to describe, which is a kind of ambivalent and complicated one, emerges powerfully in the poem "Easter, 1916," on page 105 in this book.
10 French seem oddly ambivalent about trying an ageing ex-president (he is 78) in uncertain health.
11 Google acknowledges that it is trying to prod the industry into building better networks so that Americans can have access to technologies that need more bandwidth.
12 Spend time with them and do something they like doing for a change, instead of trying to be in charge.
13 If you feel strongly about something, you should spend at least some time trying to understand the other side.
14 As part of trying to establish the cause of death, they are trying to find out what medication he was on.
15 At that time, E-mail and Usenet were the main forums for communication, and simple publishing systems such as Gopher were trying to establish a wider user base.
16 So I'm trying to develop my management skills by whining as accurately as possible.
17 from the bullet trains' TV screens, snack boxes and perky attendants, Wang shifted on a hard seat, trying to avoid tangling his legs with the men sitting in front of him.
18 I'm trying to grab something; time, space, newness.
19 She bustled about trying to wait on two customers at once.
20 We owed him an enormous debt for trying to be a hero. And so that’s why we all hung around.
21 This tends to be a preferred method of trying out software in "restricted demo" mode compared to having to install an application on your desktop that you may not end up buying.
22 They were trying to drum up new business.
23 At this level, listening means trying to find meaning in what you hear.
24 document itself is written in XML and is easily edited, but I don't recommend trying this (as I attempted) until you have used the product for some time.
25 several months of trying to starve the city into submission, the Turks attempted to tunnel underneath the walls of the city.
26 Once I pulled out a bra at a restaurant trying to find my wallet.
27 Investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of the accident.
28 I could see that he was trying to smooth over his duty for wrong judgments.
29 Old Xiao thought that she was trying to pick faults and misinterpreting his meaning.
30 I twist my neck, trying to catch her expression, but I can see only half of it: flutter of eye, curve of lip, and slice of cheek.