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troublesome in a sentence

1. This raised a troublesome point.

2. Eradication can be troublesome.

3. They are only troublesome".

4. Some are troublesome weeds.

5. those troublesome states.

6. and his book was similarly troublesome.

7. The start was troublesome;

8. The publication was troublesome;

9. Mandy is a troublesome teenager.

10. She finds her new home troublesome.

11. literally "troublesome child" —

12. Troublesome Creek could mean:

13. The movie had a troublesome production;

14. they proved troublesome.

15. Wildcats were particularly troublesome;

16. Troublesome Allies.

17. "A Troublesome Edict of Louis XIV";

18. Roy is a troublesome teenager.

19. Troublesome may refer to:

20. Lance starts a troublesome first half.

21. One troublesome problem remained.

22. troublesome" (Chao 1968:375).

23. It is a tributary of Troublesome Creek.

24. Environmental scale was troublesome;

25. It is a tributary of Troublesome Creek.

26. It is a tributary of Troublesome Creek.

27. The next day was more troublesome.

28. Troublesome Hollow, and Kaitlyn Baker.

29. Troubled but not troublesome".

30. Artistes are very troublesome.