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No. sentence
1 He tried to lie away her reputation.
2 The worker tried to Pierce a hole in a piece of leather.
3 He tried to explain, but the European just grinned and closed the door.
4 Scientists also have tried to grow human organs in animals that could one day be transplanted back into humans _ like a mouse onto whose back scientists grew a human ear.
5 Mary tried to turn the children against their father.
6 We tried to see who had been hurt, but the police told us to move on.
7 Both plans have been tried, but without success.
8 He tried to cover up his mistakes but in vain.
9 When attacked from the side, the crickets stridulated and tried to bite their attacker.
10 I have tried to practice this openness closer to home as well, by spending more time with Joe Biden's German shepherd puppy, despite our considerable difference in temperament and bite force.
11 He tried to rejuvenate himself by performing physical exercises each day.
12 She tried to gloss over her past mistake.
13 He tried his fortune in another city.
14 He tried to downgrade the latest research findings.
15 They tried to keep up the reputation of their firm.
16 The government tried to disband the illegal organization.
17 They initially tried to get outside funding for the project, but were rejected.
18 She tried to accommodate her way of life to his.
19 He tried to corrupt the policeman with money.
20 A painter who bemoaned the limitations of paint, he tried to convey something immaterial in his work, to lend shape to the invisible.
21 that tried to track how chain letters propagate by email suffered from selection bias because they included only posts that had been "fossilized" on newsgroup archives.
22 A woman was complaining to the neighbour that her husband always came home late, no matter how she tried to stop him.
23 Bill Gates betrayed his ailing business partner and tried to deprive him of his share of the Microsoft fortune, according to a scathing memoir from Paul Allen, the company's billionaire co-founder.
24 A hungry prairie dog carried on nibbling his nut as a flock of starlings tried to get his lunch, and he completely ignored them at st Louis Zoo in Missouri, US.
25 The couple were tried for treason.
26 This scenario has befallen several Yunnan cities that tried to cash in on the allure of Shangri-La.
27 They tried to chart the sea area between Norway and Denmark.
28 That said, at least one of the host nation trucking companies has tried to do battle instead of paying off insurgents and warlords.
29 Though badly damaged by fire, the bus tried to make for its garage.
30 They tried to humble your importance in that achievement.