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transverse folds in a sentence

1. A caecilian's skin has a large number of transverse folds and in some species contains tiny embedded dermal scales.

2. Radiologically, the term "ringed esophagus" has been used for the appearance of eosinophilic esophagitis on barium swallow studies to contrast with the appearance of transient transverse folds sometimes seen with esophageal reflux (termed "feline esophagus").

3. The transverse folds of rectum (or Houston's valves) are semi-lunar transverse folds of the rectal wall that protrude into the rectum, not the anal canal as that lies below the rectum.

4. Although the term rectum means straight, these transverse folds overlap each other during the empty state of the intestine to such an extent that, as Houston remarked, they require considerable maneuvering to conduct an instrument along the canal, as often occurs in sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy.

5. Transverse folds were first described by Irish–British anatomist John Houston, curator of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Museum, in 1830.

6. This crest ornamentation consists of canthal, supraorbital, and postpreorbital crests, and parietal crests with transverse folds between them (other species have crests on other locations).

7. Incilius aucoinae is very similar, but males of that species are smaller, and this species has a black chest and throat, mottling on the flanks, transverse folds between parietal crests, cranial crests that are heightened vertically, and distinct pretympanic and preorbital crests.

8. The body has 70 to 80 transverse folds, giving it a segmented appearance.

9. The body is flattened laterally and has a number of transverse folds, giving it a segmented appearance.

10. The skin is formed into over 300 transverse folds which give the caecilian the appearance of being segmented.

11. There are 308–317 transverse folds.

12. The sharp outer lip is entire, inferiorly sub-perforated and often plicate within with three transverse folds.

13. it inhabits torrential streams and it is adapted to such a habitat by possessing am increased count of simple rays in the pectoral fins and in having transverse folds in the skin on its underside which allow it to cling to rocks in the swift current.

14. The sculpture of the shell shows strong, scabrous ribs (= transverse folds) giving the impression of a rough surface with minute ribs.

15. The mine has strong, transverse folds, that cause the tip of the leaflet to strongly curve downwards.

16. with normal transverse folds, or lacking transverse folds.

17. The basal margin shows half-a-dozen short transverse folds.

18. The tegumental surface is highly corrugated with transverse folds alternating with grooves and is spineless, which is uncharacteristic of trematodes.

19. The exterior surface presents some very prominent transverse folds, rounded, undulating, more or less numerous.

20. In 1830, Houston discovered the transverse folds of the rectum, eponymously known as Houston's valves.

21. Some species possess smooth and featureless stalks, while others have transverse folds on the surface of their stalks.

22. The columella is straight and shows a few transverse folds.

23. The columella is straight and shows a 7-8 transverse folds.