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transporting in a sentence

1. The Endeavour was transporting Rev.

2. transporting special forces;

3. It's very transporting.

4. EE-11 Urutu transporting riflemen.

5. A car transporting Goods in Maroua.

6. Transporting the Earnslaw was no easy task.

7. it sank while transporting them to the North.

8. Transporting ceramics at Bat Trang, Vietnam.

9. Worker ants transporting a dead gecko.

10. Worker ants transporting a dead gecko.

11. and transporting police and military dogs.

12. it is primarily used for transporting goods.

13. The flight was transporting wounded soldiers.

14. transporting nitroglycerin by trucks.

15. transporting stone;

16. transporting personnel;

17. transporting men, mail, and materiel;

18. transporting troops and prisoners of war;

19. UN officials transporting the ballots.

20. transporting invalids;

21. Transporting Ice, 1849.

22. No velotaxi and transporting cycle.

23. (2) cutting and transporting timber;

24. Transporting the News.

25. Transporting ore by wagon, Fairview, c 1906.

26. Moving bridges transporting visitors.

27. and a Charon transporting souls.

28. She was then used for transporting coal.

29. Transporting a barrel(bay 45).

30. What are you transporting?