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transportation costs in a sentence

1. however, by the end of the 19th century transportation costs fell considerably.

2. Eco-tourism generated $670 million, and transportation costs were $390 million.

3. The station building was offered to the NVR for £1 plus transportation costs.

4. Second, transportation costs increase retail prices.

5. The study reveals the average transportation costs in these locations.

6. The reduced weight also lowers material and transportation costs.

7. having a centrally located magnet center would reduce transportation costs.

8. This does not include facility costs or transportation costs.

9. Additionally, student transportation costs $11,000 a day.

10. Production is inhibited by high transportation costs.

11. The company had little capital, high transportation costs and growing debts.

12. The low density of plastics increases transportation costs per unit weight.

13. This includes transportation costs and recycling fees.

14. High transportation costs make prices very high and unaffordable.

15. Transportation costs may be dependent on the availability of the product.

16. In the first case the consumer has transportation costs;

17. this greatly reduces transportation costs and logistical problems.

18. All local and international transportation costs will be an additional fee.

19. Canadian transportation costs;

20. The price of the drug soars far above the production and transportation costs.

21. Both high tolls and transportation costs pushed SAT to start domestic sourcing.

22. This leads to a waste of product and transportation costs.

23. The British Navy's efforts against piracy also reduced transportation costs.

24. Other issues expressed were rising food and transportation costs.

25. double deductions on transportation costs;

26. Transportation costs and inefficiency were drags on economic development;

27. The ports in Chabahar will considerably cut transportation costs and time.

28. They are told that transportation costs will be taken out of their salaries.

29. This was done in an effort to reduce transportation costs.

30. Transportation costs would be next to nil.