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transitional in a sentence

61. 49% are fens; and 9% are transitional mires.

62. Avery is listed as "Transitional" by the ARC.

63. Chester has a transitional Csb/Dsb climate.

64. The Third Symphony was a transitional work.

65. Autumn and spring are transitional seasons.

66. A transitional tissue is mineralized cartilage.

67. The film also features transitional dissolves.

68. The Archaeopteryx is a transitional fossil;

69. The 1990–91 season was a transitional year.

70. The generated code is HTML 4.01 Transitional.

71. transitional forms occur in central west Spain.

72. Transitional type also exists in some vehicles.

73. 2002 was a transitional year for the Spartans.

74. + indicates instrumental transitional track.

75. Playford was seen as a transitional leader.

76. Autumn and spring are transitional seasons.

77. The transitional period ended later in 1992;

78. The transitional period ended on 31 March 2010.

79. The Opies saw creases as a transitional word.

80. She had been "transitional leader" since 2011.

81. Tramcars 20 to 23 were the transitional group.

82. Its architectural style is Transitional Norman.

83. Figgins' 1792 type in the transitional style.

84. It was a transitional season for the Flames.

85. It is an example of a transitional programme.

86. Brenner was a transitional project for Brodkin.

87. National Coalition on Transitional Justice;

88. The latter meet specific transitional demands.

89. Autumn and spring are transitional seasons.

90. The style is termed "transitional vernacular".