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transforming in a sentence

1. transforming the 19th century public portico.

2. He fears transforming like Jean, earlier.

3. Immediately before transforming, they kiss.

4. Amy escapes by transforming herself into a rat.

5. Transforming Trash (Powerzone 2005);

6. They are transforming the world."

7. Companies seem to be transforming everywhere;

8. He is the co-founder of Transforming Education.

9. Works on transforming the island began in 1960.

10. They are capable of transforming into dolphins.

11. transforming Mega-City One into Necropolis.

12. his work is transforming surgical training.

13. and transforming education management.

14. a transforming car;

15. transforming people, careers and organisations.

16. The name Akt stands for Ak strain transforming.

17. The environment was transforming".

18. with strong transforming capabilities.

19. Transforming communities."

20. transforming into a chakra-absorbing monster.

21. its absurdity and transforming joys.

22. "Transforming fighting into thinking".

23. Transforming Arms into Art".

24. transforming once a month on every full moon.

25. Order 5: Self-Transforming Mind.

26. and transforming.

27. They were rapidly transforming cargo shipping.

28. Transforming Archaeology 18(1): 80-92. 2011.

29. After transforming, they say "Take Off!

30. transforming into a full demon.