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No. sentence
1 has left many Maasai destitute, with young men now converging in the towns to hustle tanzanite, a semiprecious local stone, or to seek poor-paying jobs as night guards.
2 them down with handouts to dinosaur enterprises and one-company towns.
3 The tsunami that followed engulfed the northeast and wiped out entire towns.
4 In both towns accommodation just before, during and immediately after the festivals is very difficult to come by, and rates usually double or treble.
5 But towns are not deterred from opening their doors to festivals or creating their own.
6 The overflowing river has engulfed many towns and villages along its banks.
7 in central North Korea, sent mudslides into villages and towns, as terraces on denuded hills collapsed.
8 In most towns, you'll find that there are professional organizations for all sorts of individuals and businesses.
9 Police in Hungary have arrested the managing director of the aluminium plant at the centre of a massive chemical spillage which has devastated several towns and villages in the west of the country.
10 may be true in the towns, but in rural areas, where most Tanzanians live, the President still has plenty of support.
11 Nizwa is an oasis, as are all the towns of the interior, since without water no community can survive.
12 On rocky hillsides there are wooden huts and in wooded valleys, towns of brick.
13 Power, water supplies and telecommunications have been disrupted in several towns.
14 That is the hope that in towns and villages across India, across this vast nation, leads people to board crowded trains and set out to forge their futures in this city of dreams.
15 We organize in our cities and towns.
16 What I'm trying to do is encourage people to take the steps they need to take, in their communities and cities and towns.
17 For miles and miles, it runs along stony hills and across valleys terraced with olive trees, cutting through towns and fields, cleaving families from their homes, farmers from their land.
18 Most still live in the countryside, farming rice, bananas and other staples, but increasing Numbers now live in towns.
19 For the town's residents, he prescribed square dances and other wholesome forms of entertainment.
20 When we headed into the countryside we were driven at breakneck speed past towns and villages in various stages of dilapidation and not allowed to stop.
21 On rocky hillsides there are wooden huts and in wooded valleys, towns of brick. Arid uplands are irrigated and planted with leafy gardens, whereas, on fertile plains, the parks are paved with stone.
22 are culturally distinct from the Malays though some who venture out into the towns and cities have been known to become assimilated with the Malays through marriage.
23 In the towns around Qixin you see stores with gleaming yellow motorbikes and adverts for 3g and coffee.
24 novel throws much light on the authors being disquieted with corrupt practice of the modern urban areas and his cherish memory of the traditional towns in a harmonious and easy…
25 Once, Kargopol was one of the wealthiest towns in Russia thanks to bustling trade by the Onega River.
26 As demand for rubber soared small dumpy river towns like Manaus, Brazil, were transformed into over night into bustling centers of commerce.
27 Where there were farmlands, now there are bustling new towns, container yards, and automotive repair facilities.
28 Sometimes my friend calls me up, she said, when she's touring in towns she doesn't know.
29 Where the towns meet and merge there's plenty of space for people who want to take time to decide, or indeed to settle down and never need to, because the truth is that there is no fence.
30 Records indicate that power plant landfills and other disposal practices have polluted groundwater in more than a dozen states, contaminating the water in some towns with toxic chemicals.