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No. sentence
1 on disinterested purity while its neck is being remorselessly twisted toward a skirt.
2 At another red light Marissa reached up and twisted the mirror toward her glanced into it.
3 They deposited a large amount of money toward the purchase of the car.
4 It knifed through the spring air toward our plane.
5 He walked toward me slowly.
6 In general, data flows up, in events, toward the data processor, or down, via refresh, toward the event generator.
7 In Mumbai, people run toward it - to help.
8 You usually start collecting money from the most committed investors and work your way out toward the ambivalent ones, whose interest increases as the round fills up.
9 We plant the seed but over time we push them toward capital markets so they can raise sufficient funding.
10 One team might, for example, migrate vertical slices of the application code, while another team evolves these vertical slices toward the J2EE standard.
11 advocate hatred toward so many people who supported you?" wrote Tsai.
12 Dawn is just past, but no trace of it remains in the eastern sky toward which I am now walking.
13 But as she approached, farming instruments, like pitchforks and shovels, started flying out of his head toward her.
14 A gunman approached quickly, running across a grassy median toward him.
15 Sure, we could just say "This concert is awesome," but the addition of the swear word emphasizes the emotional reaction we have toward it - and easily conveys that emotional reaction to others.
16 The shift toward cloud computing tends to mix developer and operational concerns ...
17 If pressure gives you the push toward your goal, motivation gives you the pull.
18 I have since thrown the ceramic wheelchair away and the little girl sits on the edge of the shelf with her legs dangling over the side. She's smiling toward the sky.
19 Our foreign policy tilts toward the third world.
20 She told me she watched the Americans shoot a neighbour in 2005, and she replayed the image over and over in her mind: "I saw him running toward them, and then they shot him in the neck."
21 With a loud groan we lurched from the station, loaves of bread still being flung toward the Windows.
22 For example, to stretch your quadriceps, lie on your right side and grasp your left ankle with your left hand, pulling your ankle toward the back of your leg.
23 I didn't want to hold the sack so close that it would break the eggs or squash the hamburger buns, but it was slipping, and as I looked behind a boy my age, maybe older, rushed toward me.
24 They apprehend that every farther step forward on the road toward the socialization of enterprises will seriously impair the quantity and the quality of the products of every industry.
25 What interests me, indeed, is knowing and describing the force that leads them back toward the common path of illusion.
26 Wilbur didn't care. He kept walking toward the pail of slops.
27 What investors need to see before then, the report noted, is the emergence and debate of credible budget plans, with an eye toward implementation after the election in 2012.
28 But certainly we could go much further toward private ownership than we have until now, turning rivers, for example, into private property, as is done in Scotland.
29 Of course, there are many Zen stories, all of which point toward the inevitable conclusion that, simply put, you are IT.
30 I stopped and ran toward the stricken woman, but my guide pulled me back.