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totalitarian regimes in a sentence

1. Post Bellum works in partnership with Czech Radio and Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes.

2. Under totalitarian regimes any criticism of a political system, and especially satire, is suppressed.

3. Totalitarian regimes are different from other authoritarian regimes.

4. He has characterised atheist totalitarian regimes as religions.

5. Secret police organizations are characteristic of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes.

6. Ilan Berman and J. Michael Waller describe the secret police as central to totalitarian regimes and.

7. Chương charged Diệm with having "copied the tactics of totalitarian regimes".

8. It is the single most indicative distinguishing trait of totalitarian regimes.

9. All totalitarian regimes have engaged in these practices."

10. "Might makes right" has been described as the credo of totalitarian regimes.

11. She condemned all totalitarian regimes, including nazism, fascism, and communism.

12. He has also expanded his work to include all totalitarian regimes.

13. As such, many newly democratic nations in Africa are saddled with debt run up by totalitarian regimes.

14. She argued that she actively opposed totalitarian regimes and practices.

15. The Inter-war years saw the establishment of the first totalitarian regimes in world history.

16. Chomsky replied that, "This happens sometimes in totalitarian regimes."

17. Scott is preparing a study of urbanism and ritual in totalitarian regimes.

18. He specializes in historical studies about totalitarian regimes and history of religions.

19. The source of his work was the analysis of speechmakers of totalitarian regimes around the world.

20. The declaration was preceded by the European Public Hearing on Crimes Committed by Totalitarian Regimes.

21. Some nations with strong leaders were able to hold out, establishing totalitarian regimes.


23. This is the cause of an important weakness of the totalitarian regimes: the problem of succession.

24. Totalitarian architecture refers to the type of architecture created by totalitarian regimes.

25. As a result of the Arab Spring, totalitarian regimes cracked down on information flow.

26. In 2011, he directed the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes.

27. The seeds of totalitarian regimes are nurtured by misery and want.

28. Kavalírová headed the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes from 2007 to 2013.

29. It characterizes authoritarian and totalitarian regimes.

30. Hostile totalitarian regimes eliminate their enemies without mercy.