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today's English in a sentence

1. This is a simplified picture of the changes that happened between late Middle English (late ME), Early Modern English (EModE), and today's English (ModE).

2. The Old Norse word Hel is the same as today's English Hell, and as a proper noun, Hel was the ruler of Hel.

3. today's English-language publishers and teachers in China are passing on obsolete translations and incorrect rules of language to students.

4. There is no one word in today's English language that completely encompasses the definition of kairos, similar to that of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.

5. It very roughly covered the top two thirds of the modern county of Powys and part of today's English West Midlands (see map).

6. In 1977, Rudolf Nureyev created a new version of Romeo and Juliet for the London Festival Ballet, today's English National Ballet.

7. That year, a large frame building housing a railroad depot, store and saloon, went up on the West side of the Central Pacific mainline, just South of today's English Colony Way.

8. The name was inspired by the then imminent Festival of Britain, however the Company would later be renamed to today's English National Ballet.

9. The shape of the falls before its development resembled a large kettle, better known to today's English speakers as a cauldron.

10. Many of today's English-language translations of Breslover works were only made possible because of the Tcheriner Rav's meticulous research and elucidation.

11. Chapter Ten: Today's English Version, Alias Good News for Modern Man;

12. To help distribute the rider's weight and protect the horse's back, some cultures created stuffed padding that resembles the panels of today's English saddle.

13. In today's English language, the term monoceros typically refers to a unicorn or similar one-horned creature.

14. Holman), and Today’s English Version (TEV).

15. Cider was first made from crab apples, ancestors of the bittersweet and bittersharp apples used by today's English cider makers.

16. In today's English citrine as a colour is mostly confined to the contexts of (1) gemstones, including quartz, and (2) some animal and plant names.

17. The result, titled Good News for Modern Man: The New Testament in Today's English Version, was released in 1966 as a 599-page paperback with a publication date of January 1, 1966.

18. The Psalms were published in 1970 as The Psalms For Modern Man in Today's English Version.

19. In 1976, the Old Testament was completed and published as the Good News Bible: The Bible in Today's English Version.

20. His last post with a professional ballet company was as artistic director of the London Festival Ballet, today's English National Ballet.

21. KO-AM TV runs several programs such as popular videos, local news, weather news, traffic updates and Today's English (영어 한마디).

22. for language learning program, they have Today's English, it is a short program that introduces one phrase in English and explain the phrase in Korean everyday.

23. Today's English word "cephalic" (sə-făl'ĭk) means "Of or relating to the head;

24. Pierson was also involved in the Today's English Version 1976 He was born in Shanghai, China.

25. Today's English Avenue was known at different times as Bellwood and as Western Heights.

26. Mehta has been Managing Editor of India Today's English news channel (2013–14), Deputy News Editor and prime-time anchor with Times Now.

27. Surrounding the brain and spinal chord is a tough outer layer of membrane called in today's English the dura mater.

28. Tiny has been described as being an example of a dog close to today's English Toy Terrier.

29. The school was built in 1910 to serve the Atlanta neighborhood of Western Heights, a predecessor of today's English Avenue neighborhood.

30. Good News Bible (Today's English Version) (TEV), completed in 1976, was translated by Robert G. Bratcher with six other scholars.