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No. sentence
1 The tree carries fruit throughout the year and the fruit tend to have a very pungent odour when ripening (also known as the cheese fruit or vomit fruit).
2 After all, Germany has banned it throughout the whole country.
3 If activity of any system component is increasing throughout the test run, the system has not reached steady state.
4 The bank has plan to branch throughout the country.
5 We hope that this approach will provide a practical solution for testers throughout who have encountered this challenge.
6 By placing these components, as appropriate, throughout your network, you can ensure any attack must pass through one or more of these defenses.
7 We are proud of them and of the opportunities they provide every day for so many local managers, investors, and employees throughout northeast China.
8 She was bored throughout the film.
9 Throughout the film, she argues, "you see how the disorder impairs his ability to function."
10 At present, there are throughout the country 159 national autonomous areas, including five autonomous regions, 30 autonomous prefectures and 124 autonomous counties (or banners).
11 Pictures of the occasion were placarded throughout Eastern Europe.
12 Long strings of firecrackers are set off throughout the holiday, and there are many displays of fireworks lighting up the evening skies.
13 The chart was hung in classrooms throughout the country, and millions of children memorized the basic food groups.
14 It is one in which they can contribute immediately and lighten everyone's load throughout the project.
15 Throughout this section, I will assume you have read the very long, thorough and detailed GRUB tutorial.
16 But only the rich benefited. Most Romans, and many city-dwellers throughout history, lived in squalor, and many died of it.
17 Yet the words he spoke in Cairo two years ago might still serve as a beacon to oppressed people throughout the world, if only America lives up to their promise.
18 Hazael king of Aram oppressed Israel throughout the reign of Jehoahaz.
19 But this problem can be overcome by doing simple stretching exercises throughout the day.
20 health care industry, for example, has consistently bucked the trend of layoffs — adding jobs throughout the recession.
21 Her coach encouraged her throughout the marathon race to keep on running.
22 election results flowed in throughout the night.
23 For the low key, secular occasion, the Pope wore a long white overcoat in marked contrast to the more elaborate vestments he has worn throughout the rest of his six-day visit to the United States.
24 These two stages are further decomposed into four lifecycle milestones that define intermediate business level objectives that are to be accomplished throughout the lifecycle.
25 But this year, what we've seen and throughout the season is injury on tree fruit, particularly the stone fruit peaches and nectarines, as well as apples, Asian pears, European pear cultivars.
26 They puffed away at their desks.They drank throughout the day.They had affairs with their colleagues.They socialised not in order to bond, but in order to get drunk.
27 It is in contrast with many other quarries throughout the world where cold winters delay and in some cases completely stop their production for long periods of time.
28 Hair dyes applied to the head are absorbed through the scalp, where there's a very rich blood supply that may carry them throughout the body.
29 Indeed, we broke with a decade of tradition by referring to you throughout by your first name.
30 You want high cohesion throughout your design, and your tests should be cohesive as well.