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throng in a sentence

1. People throng to offer prayers to their deities.

2. It was the price of mead in the hall, amidst the throng.

3. Let's all sing together In one merry throng;

4. At the fair. Throng, howls and cheerfulness.

5. Devotee throng Devi shrine to seek blessing.

6. Perplexity, to shoulder through the throng.

7. The throng overturned the car and grabbed him again.

8. At Thy call they throng with a shout and song;

9. Morning walkers throng Lalbagh every morning.

10. Crowds throng Mehrangarh during the Dussehra celebrations.

11. Join the ever-growing throng Let all who love thee sing!

12. Lakhs of devotees throng the temple during this occasion.

13. People throng from far away places to visit this temple.

14. His paintings throng local churches;

15. Thousands of children throng this temple on that day.

16. People throng to offer prayers to their deities.

17. Thousands throng to listen him everywhere in Maharashtra.

18. Mehul behaves like a cool dude and all girls throng him.

19. All the faithful throng to the annual fair.

20. Hindus also throng to the Mosque on Kodikuthu.

21. All sourced from: Throng Ratings.

22. Crowds throng the temple to feed the elephants.

23. There is a great commotion amongst a gathered throng.

24. Every Saturday people throng in large numbers &

25. People throng the site during Amavasya and Poornima.

26. Far from the noisy maddening throng;

27. Will throng the hours while here I stray;

28. Eleven Ministers and MPs joined the throng.

29. The jubilant throng is like the waves of the sea.

30. throng sniggered.