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threshold values in a sentence

1. Specific events are dependent on threshold values for different tissues.

2. Specific events are dependent on threshold values for different tissues.

3. Specific threshold values for the number of clusters, stored in the disk parameter block, define which FAT type is used.

4. The specific threshold values are mentioned in the Yarrow-160 section.

5. The chart also provided general guidance to comfort and hazard through threshold values of the index, such as 1400, which was the threshold for frostbite.

6. There was however, conflicting evidence on the threshold values of ICP that indicated the need for intervention.

7. Threshold values obtained from staircases can fluctuate wildly, so care must be taken in their design.

8. Each drive manufacturer defines a set of attributes, and sets threshold values beyond which attributes should not pass under normal operation.

9. From December 2014, Stamp Duty was changed to a graduated system which eliminates the jumps in stamp duty at the threshold values.

10. A larger limit will allow a greater difference between successive threshold values.

11. To build the index we compare the data values at the cell corners with the two contour threshold values.

12. Threshold values can be interrogated by a Receive Diagnostic Results command to the Threshold In diagnostic page (05h) with the PCV bit set to one.

13. The 'Building-biological Measuring Standard'(see above) relies on physiological impact on biological systems, when determining threshold values.

14. This explains, why the recommended threshold values of the Building-biological Measuring standard are considerably lower than the values advised by government standards.

15. Harold Frost proposed that for dense collagenous connective tissues the related threshold values are around 23 Newton/mm2 or 4% strain elongation.

16. National laws are applied for tenders below these threshold values.

17. The threshold values are in general not correctly predicted.

18. The colour scheme is linked to threshold values in EU legislation.

19. [1] These threshold values should vary depending on the coal seam and coal measure being mined.

20. Since the introduction of threshold values, not a single fatality due to an outburst has been recorded in Australia.

21. Threshold sensors report when a value being monitored is above or below configurable threshold values.

22. Furthermore, cycle threshold values, which correspond to parasite-specific DNA load, correlated with measured intensity of infection as demonstrated in Kato-Kato smears.

23. A security level consists of a collection of measurable limiting and threshold values.

24. A simple model may simply identify threshold values outside of which a species can't survive.

25. There are no firm industry-wide rules for establishing minimum RFU threshold values.

26. Minimum threshold values for odor detections are reported to be at 7 ppm, with the majority of subjects detecting it at higher concentrations of 14 or 24 ppm.

27. Finally, the hypothetical occupant impact velocity and acceleration are then compared to threshold values of human tolerance to these forces.

28. For every metric, you should specify what action you should take based on certain threshold values.

29. sets two more appropriate threshold values to control the selection of the coefficients through analyzing DWT coefficients and being confirmed by massive experiments.

30. Watermark detection is implemented by comparing the new difference of mean values of watermarked image blocks with the threshold values.