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three snakes in a sentence

1. Only three snakes are native to Great Britain: the adder, the barred grass snake and the smooth snake;

2. Three Snakes and One Charm was released in July 1996.

3. the album stripped away the more adventurous sounds of Amorica and Three Snakes and One Charm in favor of leaner, soul-influenced songs.

4. There are six species of reptiles: three lizards (slowworm, viviparous lizard and sand lizard) and three snakes (European adder, grass snake and smooth snake).

5. There are three snakes laced through the edge of the disc.

6. Three Snakes and One Charm is the fourth studio album by American rock band The Black Crowes.

7. Once the basic ideas were recorded to tape, the band assembled in the house in Atlanta, GA (dubbed Chateau de la Crowe by the band) to begin the Three Snakes sessions.

8. Let's go for it.'" The band attributed the sonic textures of Three Snakes to the nuances of recording in a house.

9. The Black Crowes began the supporting tour for Three Snakes and One Charm on July 5, 1996 in Burbank, CA, where the album was given its world premiere.

10. Three Snakes garnered generally positive reviews upon its release.

11. After Havde's and Vitastjerna's first night together, she had a dream about three snakes entwined in her bosom.

12. When they slept on the island for the first night, she dreamed that three snakes lay in her lap, and she thought they were sliding off her lap.

13. Ten or eleven species of reptiles occur in Great Britain: three snakes and three lizards, which were established at the time of the last ice age.

14. Personnel changes and label interference frustrated The Black Crowes' attempts to follow up their 1996 album Three Snakes and One Charm.

15. He said recording that way was not a challenge because he recorded most of the guitar parts on Three Snakes and One Charm, as well.

16. Reinhardt had three snakes of this species to study for his description, these are the syntypes and are stored in Copenhagen.

17. He had two sons and one of whom killed three snakes during ploughing operations.

18. The first three snakes Danh – gbi, Li, Liwui were all worshipped at Whydah, Dahomey where the serpent cult originated (Meyerowitz 1940, p. 48).

19. Witness to this is the Crap da Treis Siarps, the Three Snakes Stone, a remnant of a Neolithic or Bronze Age Megalithic monument.

20. Although the other megaliths of this monument have substantially weathered, the Three Snakes Stone is well preserved.

21. It has three snakes and a half moon engraved, hinting at its use as either a burial site or as an archaeoastronomical site.

22. Many of the songs on Tall were early versions of songs that later appeared the 1994 album Amorica, with one appearing on the 1996 album Three Snakes And One Charm.

23. three snakes and three lizards including the legless slowworm.

24. On one occasion he had seen a rabbit, two weasels and three snakes all lying dead in the water.

25. Researchers documented the loss of three snakes to vehicle traffic, including off-road vehicles.

26. that means “Place of three snakes ".

27. Another drawing depicts three snakes with their heads puffed up and turned to the side.

28. The specimens, three snakes, were found in the Serranía de Tabasará mountain range where ore mining is extensively degrading and diminishing the natural habitat.

29. Three snakes, a symbol of wealth among the Supi, decorate the container, while four snarling dogs are seen to be confronting the snakes.

30. The three snakes are the first stage of a planned 24-megawatt wave-power farm, which will be capable of providing 15, 000 households with power.