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three national newspapers in a sentence

1. There are three national newspapers, Diari d'Andorra, El Periòdic d'Andorra, and Bondia as well as several local newspapers.

2. All three national newspapers – two Burmese language dailies Myanma Alin (မြန်မာ့အလင်း) and Kyemon (ကြေးမုံ), and the English language The New Light of Myanmar – are published by the government.

3. The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times became two of the three "national" newspapers, read throughout the country.

4. The military government, which controls all daily newspapers in Burma, uses Mandalay to publish and distribute its three national newspapers, the Burmese language Myanmar Alin and Kyemon and the English language New Light of Myanmar.

5. Trinidad and Tobago has three national newspapers.

6. The company operates two digital television stations, three national newspapers (English, Thai business, and Thai mass circulation), a university, a book and cartoon unit, printing and logistics operations, and new media and digital platforms.

7. Bernard's younger brother, Anthony (1934–1984), was political editor of three national newspapers (the Sunday Mirror, The Sun and the Daily Mail) and editor of Sir James Goldsmith's short-lived news magazine Now!. Shrimsley was taken on by Associated Newspapers in 1980 to launch The Mail on Sunday, but Lord Rothermere, the chairman of Associated, did not discuss the appointment with David English, the editor of sister title, the Daily Mail, who made Shrimsley's job difficult.

8. She acquired her first job in Fleet Street aged 20, ultimately becoming show business editor of three national newspapers, The Sun, The Mail on Sunday, and Daily Mirror, and assistant editor of one.

9. Kyemon survived the military government's crackdowns on news media that left the country with only three national newspapers.

10. In 1995 three national newspapers published articles on a public meeting sponsored by the local spiritual assembly of Khulna to mark the founding of the United Nations.

11. He is also a journalist and worked in the major radio stations, in all five air channels in Argentina, he was a special editor of several journals, and a contributor to the three national newspapers: Clarín, Página/12 and La Nación. His children's book series, Matemática... ¿Estás ahí?, has been a bestseller in Argentina, other Latin American countries, and also in Germany and Spain, where they have edited the first two episodes.

12. During the Cultural Revolution (1966–1976), Guangming Daily was one of the only three national newspapers that remained in circulation, together with the People's Daily and the People's Liberation Army Daily, and the sole magazine Red Flag.

13. Cuba has three national newspapers: The country has four national TV stations: Cuba's national radio stations are: