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three hours' drive in a sentence

1. Even now, the nearest major airports at Toulouse and Barcelona are both three hours' drive from Andorra.

2. The observatory is located off State Route 76 in northern San Diego County, California, two hours' drive from downtown San Diego and three hours' drive from central Los Angeles ( UCLA, LAX airport ).

3. Peterborough (/ˈpiːtərbərə/) is a town on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, approximately three hours' drive from Melbourne.

4. The Barahona Coast is located on the southwestern part of the Dominican Republic approximately three hours drive from Santo Domingo the capital of the Dominican Republic.

5. Lake Ohau is 320 kilometers (four hours drive) south of Christchurch and 275 kilometers (three hours drive) north of Dunedin.

6. The Heysen Trail itself extends from the tip of the Fleurieau Peninsula, through the Adelaide Hills and on up to the Flinders Ranges, three hours drive north of Adelaide.

7. The Jenolan Caves are located three hours' drive from Sydney and Canberra.

8. University of Mines and Technology (UDS) in Tarkwa, Western Region is about three hours drive from Benchema-Nkatieso.

9. Mollymook is located on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia approximately three hours' drive south of Sydney within the City of Shoalhaven local government area.

10. Naejangsan is a mountain located on the border of North Jeolla and South Jeolla provinces in southwestern South Korea, approximately three hours drive south of Seoul.

11. It is approximately three hours drive to Australia's capital Canberra.

12. The highway road journey from Lungi to Freetown is generally three hours drive, but can be considerably more because of traffic in Freetown.

13. Art and craft include Aboriginal Art, Art Box, Kandos Krafters, Number 47. Kandos is about three hours drive from Sydney (via the Blue Mountains and Castlereagh Highway);

14. Milo is a village in South Western Tanzania, East Africa, in the southern highlands of Tanzania, three hours drive from the nearest region of Njombe.

15. The institute campus of 70 acres is located in the Pallur Hills about 12 km from Berhampur and three hours drive from Bhubaneswar.

16. (It is served by a 21 km (13 mi) road leaving from the İstanbul-Ankara motorway O-4 E80 or the highway D.100 at the level of Mount Bolu, three hours' drive from these two largest cities of Turkey).

17. It is less than one hour drive to Latakia and about three hours drive to Damascus.

18. Located three hours drive from Shirdi, outside a small village named Madhi, it is a perfect example of Muslim architecture.

19. The dam is about three hours' drive from Baie-Comeau along narrow, winding Route 389.

20. On road, Igbokoda to Lagos is less than three hours drive through part of Benin.

21. Many visitors approach the mountain from Surabaya which is about three hours drive away;

22. One can reach Saephoog gewog centre after three hours’ drive from Wangdue dzongkhag by passing the rough highway road, made due to the stone quarry and road widening along the highway.

23. At the advanced dressing station established three hours drive further up Kaimaktsalan the unit took casualties direct from the battlefield.

24. it is the only ski area for night skiing within a three hours' drive.

25. The mine is located 187 km southeast of Seoul, approximately three hours’ drive via expressways and local sealed high ways.

26. One seven-year-old boy arriving with severe machete injuries was saved by treatment at the nearest hospital, located in Bertoua, three hours' drive away.

27. Luzhou is about three hours' drive from Chengdu and only one hour and a half to Chongqing.

28. Quincy is literally in the middle of nowhere, three hours' drive from the nearest big city, Seattle.

29. Jama Khan's relatives had tried to get the district court-three hours' drive each way-to settle their inheritance dispute.

30. -inch Hale telescope on Mount Palomar, about three hours' drive south of Los Angeles, was also the brainchild of George Ellery Hale.