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three chambers in a sentence

1. The tomb comprises three chambers separated by walls.

2. The stomach consists of three chambers.

3. There is a heart with three chambers: two atria and one ventricle.

4. The ovary is 3-locular (with three chambers).

5. At the back of the portico are three chambers.

6. The Parliament had three chambers at the time;

7. The stomach has three chambers.

8. At the end of the corridors come three chambers.

9. The innermost wall contains three chambers within the wall.

10. There is a small room at the end of these three chambers.

11. The court has three chambers.

12. An entrance hall and staircase led to three chambers upstairs.

13. both tales feature three chambers filled with riches;

14. The rear hall is divided into three chambers.

15. The caverns consist of three chambers connected by galleries.

16. The Htukkanthein has three chambers, rotating clockwise inwards.

17. The remaining temple comprised three chambers.

18. The rear hall is divided into three chambers.

19. According to the Law, the Court of Cassation had three chambers.

20. The cave consists of three chambers.

21. It produces a rounded, woolly fruit with usually three chambers.

22. The museum has one gallery divided into three chambers;

23. The test is three, chambers each a half coil in length.

24. Only the final three chambers are visible externally.

25. There were three chambers on the south side of the corridor;

26. Each half of the tomb was divided into three chambers.

27. It had at least three chambers, of them two were excavated.

28. The sides were surrounded by rows of three chambers.

29. Its flowers have smooth ovaries with three chambers.

30. The temple consist of three chambers.