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threatened amphibians in a sentence

1. Amphibian Ark is an organization that was formed to implement the ex-situ conservation recommendations of this plan, and they have been working with zoos and aquaria around the world, encouraging them to create assurance colonies of threatened amphibians.

2. It has recently been placed on Japan's Red List of Threatened Amphibians.

3. The hotspot includes a wide variety of habitats, ranging from mangroves, beaches, rocky shorelines, and coastal wilderness to some of the world's wettest rain forests in the Colombian Chocó. The hotspot includes a number of ecoregions: Some of the endemic species of this hotspot are the following: Endemic Plant Species: 2,750 Endemic Threatened Birds: 21 Endemic Threatened Mammals: 7 Endemic Threatened Amphibians: 8 Human Population Density (people/km²): 51

4. The scientists from the University of Newcastle have also reported successful freezing and thawing (cryopreservation) of totipotent amphibian embryonic cells, which along with sperm cryopreservation provides the essential "proof of concept" for the use of cryostorage as a genome bank for threatened amphibians and also other animals.

5. There are five species and subspecies of threatened amphibians in Michigan.

6. The Western Ghats Network of Protected Areas of Threatened Amphibians (WNPATA), a network for individuals and institutions working on amphibians in the Western Ghats.

7. Berlow has also contributed to conservation through his work on alpine meadows and threatened amphibians.