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thorny in a sentence

1. Thorny Yellowwood at Tooloom Scrub.

2. The nest is usually built in a thorny bush;

3. Thorny devils have been kept in captivity.

4. She is a thorny, struggling soul.

5. This formula settled the thorny issue.

6. Swollen trunk. Detail of the thorny trunk.

7. Its high point is at Thorny Flat.

8. A thorny plant in Kirthar Mountain.

9. They roost in groups in low thorny trees.

10. Thorny plants occur.

11. The branches are thorny.

12. The branches are thorny.

13. Growing in the fields were thorny bushes.

14. Agamyxis is a genus of thorny catfishes.

15. The young leaves can be as thorny.

16. Closeup of thorny stems.

17. These are rigid, thorny, flowering bushes.

18. Here some thorny questions awaited him.

19. It has thorny seeds that provide no food.

20. It is not thorny or prickly.

21. Family Spondylidae – Thorny oysters.

22. The Thorny elm has simple leaves.

23. Thorny frog may refer to:

24. It is about 7m high thorny shrub.

25. The branches are thorny.

26. The legs are noticeably thorny.

27. It is a thorny shrub 0.2 to 1.2 m tall.

28. The branches are smooth and thorny.

29. The plant has thorny stems.

30. Then there is the thorny issue of trade.