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this people in a sentence

1. As a result of all this, people found his circumstances bleak.

2. The Church loves this people.

3. After this, people realised most stars consist of hydrogen.

4. This people were living near the Marcomanni.

5. Part of this people still self-identify as Bulgarians.

6. This people hungers for poetry.

7. Historian Adolf Armbruster identified this people as Vlachs.

8. Such is the manner in which this people fight;

9. The Greco-Romans called this people the Carpi or Carpiani.

10. The Nazca Province in the Ica Region was named for this people.

11. Human life does not come to its natural close with this people;

12. surely he is the prophet of this people".

13. A solid photographic record was made of this people.

14. This people are quoted for 7 times in the Iguvine Tablets.

15. Agriculture was the economical base of this people.

16. Despite this, people continued to come in massive numbers.

17. Doing this, people can successfully make rapid decisions.

18. This people group is only found in Sudan.

19. This people call themselves as Bodo.

20. This people resisted to Roman occupation for centuries.

21. "This comparison will apply to this people, and those men.

22. In order to commemorate this, people named it Xiangzi Bridge.

23. This people are part of Hindu Shiva and Vishnu Sampradaya.

24. Apart from this people produce cheese and butter from cow milk.

25. The history of this people is little known.

26. What is your reaction to this? People died.

27. surely he is the prophet of this people

28. The primary business of this people are Fishing.

29. Yup — she saw this, people.

30. Many races had slowly wrought this people over the centuries.