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this diet in a sentence

1. It is unclear why this diet works.

2. He credited this diet with easing his chronic back pain.

3. This diet works well for most fruit/nectar-eating geckos.

4. While following this diet, he lost over 200 pounds (91 kg).

5. On this diet he excelled at swimming.

6. also disagree with this diet.

7. This diet will help them to bear Hunger.

8. This diet was associated with obesity, glucosuria, and ketosis.

9. How he has managed become obese on this diet is unknown.

10. she believed this diet allowed and helped the body to heal itself.

11. In laboratory conditions, this diet is expanded considerably.

12. By the late 1750s this diet was supplemented with portable soup.

13. This diet also included turtles, crabs, and fish.

14. They supplement this diet with some plant material, too.

15. it supplements this diet with fruit.

16. This diet also shows a complicated seasonal variation.

17. This diet was abandoned prior to the Jessie Vargas fight in 2015.

18. This diet, however, is not a cure.

19. Some of his followers starved to death on this diet.

20. This diet contains the taste, the smelling and the good-looking.

21. The power of this diet waxed and waned throughout history.

22. this diet results in feces the size of small blueberries.

23. This diet is low in saturated fat, high in fibre.

24. The monotony of this diet was broken eating trout and eels.

25. Docherty's small size as a baby was attributed to this diet.

26. The mothers strictly adhere to this diet for at least 2 months.

27. Hence there is no extra cost involved in pursuing this diet.

28. The snails would thrive on this diet.

29. This diet gave him a tummy-ache and a beastly temper.

30. This diet involves eating only uncooked, unprocessed foods.