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this cruelty in a sentence

1. Finally, Apollo came to put an end to this cruelty.

2. As stated by Walter Prescott in 1935, "there is a cruel streak in the Mexican nature ... this cruelty may be a heritage from the Spanish and of the Inquisition;

3. Wernher von Braun protest against this cruelty during his frequent stays at Dora.

4. It was the least sacred thing in existence and these boys were trained to this cruelty.

5. The assembled Swiss are horrified at this cruelty, but Jemmy urges his father to courage, and refuses to be tied up for the challenge.

6. The protesters have used petitions, mass email drops, demonstrations and media coverage to make it absolutely clear that this cruelty has to stop.

7. Word of this cruelty reached Dyer while she was visiting Richard and Katherine Scott in Providence.

8. As long as my breath is sufficient enough, I will take a stand against this discrimination, this speciesism, this cruelty that ignores and destroys those who are not like them;

9. This cruelty is first evident when the Cardinal and Ferdinand lock the Duchess in her own home.

10. If this were the case, she would have taken them to task for this cruelty at that time, and it would have been reflected in the narrative.

11. APRL was instrumental in passing legislation in California and Chicago against this cruelty.

12. Ned denounces her for this cruelty, and the Widow declares Ned an outcast and has him imprisoned in the village jail to keep him from interfering with Harvest Home.

13. Byron was perplexed by this cruelty, and at about that time she began to try to understand how anyone could do such a terrible thing and began to be interested in psychology.

14. It's the phoniness and this cruelty.

15. It was only much later I realised a lot of this cruelty was that most of them didn't have anybody to write to. Hill's early years of schooling were at Bourne Junior Primary School.

16. Although his father survived, this cruelty left a strong impression on Andrew.

17. Despite this cruelty, the Massassi treated Naga Sadow as a god by building huge temples and palaces to honor their Sith Lord.

18. There is no doubt that Meoli experienced such cruelty while imprisoned in Palazzo Giusti, and that this cruelty affected his thoughts.

19. Finally Nandhu comes to know that all this cruelty of Gounder towards his family was only a part of enmity that roots back in the past.

20. She wrote: "I have been inured to the pain of separation, especially when I consider that all this cruelty and misfortune will be for the good of all.

21. At the end of the episode, Lucas narrates: Does this darkness have a name? This cruelty, this hatred.

22. The payment of money for this cruelty was part of the funding process by the various Serb para-military groups operating in the area.

23. Suryamurthy cannot bear the pain endured by his sister and kidnaps Mallika to stop this cruelty.

24. The dying bird blames humans for using its own parts against itself and claims that they have learnt this cruelty from the way they treat each other.

25. This cruelty and the resulting frustration, as well as the skill level required, is both the purpose of the hacks and the appeal of any Let's Play videos made of them.

26. As a result of this cruelty, she began to believe that American culture was very cold.

27. A police guard was placed to stop this cruelty.

28. One consistent aspect of this cruelty was an attack on city dwellers.

29. At WSPA, we are determined to put a stop to this cruelty - a vision we think you share.

30. Judas Maccabeus was informed of this cruelty against his countrymen, he informed his men.