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thighs in a sentence

1. on his Thighs (mostly) before;

2. My thighs were thin.

3. His thighs are like hard horn;

4. the hands rest upon the thighs.

5. The thighs are buff coloured.

6. The thighs were naked.

7. The thighs have whitish down.

8. The thighs are chestnut.

9. The thighs are chestnut.

10. The thighs are bluish in colour.

11. Its thighs are dark brown.

12. Its thighs are green.

13. Vosler in the legs and thighs.

14. The thighs are also tattooed.

15. The thighs are brown.

16. Thighs are lightly barred.

17. The toes and thighs are reddish.

18. the thighs have three bars.

19. The thighs are barred.

20. The thighs are often barred.

21. Thighs are red.

22. her thighs, Theta and Rho;

23. then after that, his thighs;

24. my thighs and my calves are Nut;

25. and two wedges for the thighs;

26. Target Zones: Hips and Thighs.

27. Target Zones: Thighs and Arms.

28. Target Zones: Thighs and Belly.

29. The thighs are pure black.

30. Lift your kneecaps and thighs.