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No. sentence
1 They took up arms and fought for their faith and liberty.
2 Those men took you away from me . . . and they hurt you.
3 They took him for 200 pounds.
4 They took off a bar.
5 They all ridiculed the idea.
6 Of course I have nothing against Apple. If they say in advance no tethering, those who work on that should expect to be banned.
7 Apple says all phones have this problem - yeah, they have that problem after you fix the problem with touching the antenna.
8 They want me to buy one Apple device after another.
9 They contributed food and clothing for the refugees.
10 He heaped the diamonds up and said they were all his.
11 They disagreed with each other about the time and place of the accident.
12 But I am lucky because we did get a little bit of the tsunami but nothing like what they got up north.
13 They will know a little bit about process and how to make it work for them.
14 They understand the data far better than we do, so a little bit of effective collaboration with them can dramatically reduce overall development costs.
15 They boated down the Nile.
16 Go down and see what they are doing downstairs.
17 And, in the twisted logic of Pyongyang poker, they were both ACES.
18 ideal nation would leave no room for what they saw as the twisted ethical code of Christianity, which they argued prized suffering and destructive self-repression.
19 They tunnelled their way into an underground palace.
20 They discussed an important matter with her.
21 They skimmed me off to lecture on drama.
22 They bumped her off because she knew too much.
23 They silently split off the ball.
24 They used the closely nibbled smooth green spaces as their pitch , the wooden barred gate of the sheep pen as their wicket and the crooks made from willow branches as their bats.
25 Not only that, it can give us nourishment at any time, though they are nibbled for several thousands of years, they are still fresh.
26 They diced away all their money.
27 They had volunteers watch video clips of a woman saying different simple phrases, such as “the square box,” or “peel the banana.
28 They believed that no one was watching and then escaped.
29 In fact, we know what they ate.
30 Then, on the last two days of the study, they could choose what they ate.