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these organs in a sentence

1. these organs detect chemicals, air currents, and vibrations;

2. It may cause these organs to increase in size substantially.

3. These organs connect the mother and the fetus.

4. It is not known if these organs are functional or simply vestigial.

5. The precise function of these organs is as yet unknown;

6. These organs use somewhat different gluconeogenic precursors.

7. Typically, all of these organs are removed.

8. These organs exist only on the left side of the animal.

9. Use of these organs was limited by their weight.

10. After birth these organs are directly exposed to air.

11. He described these organs in the European mole in 1871.

12. This causes an enlargement of these organs.

13. Testosterone, however, is not the active agent within these organs.

14. DHT mediates the androgen effect in these organs.

15. The lizards do not have these organs.

16. These organs are subterranean leaves, which lack chlorophyll.

17. These organs were sold for use in private homes and in churches;

18. In humans, both of these organs are outside the abdominal cavity.

19. These organs play an important role in the immune system.

20. These organs are subterranean leaves, which lack chlorophyll.

21. These organs oversee 19 towns &

22. These organs may appear chocolate-brown due to hemozoin deposition.

23. These organs are known as tympana (singular – typanum).

24. These organs are described in the 3rd Section of it Statute.

25. The recipients of these organs are often patients who are indigent.

26. These organs are subterranean leaves, which lack chlorophyll.

27. Euzet, 2007 in which these organs are completely lacking.

28. Most of the toxins are concentrated in these organs.

29. These organs are in direct contact with the urinary tract.

30. The irritation can cause adhesions or scar tissue on these organs.