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these locations in a sentence

1. Neither of these locations is certain.

2. Service to these locations is often changed.

3. These locations include:

4. These locations were named for Robert Toombs:

5. The first settlements were at these locations.

6. Some of these locations included:

7. There are now no dwellings at these locations.

8. After mapping out these locations, they left.

9. Yuanshan may refer to these locations:

10. Terre-Neuve can refer to these locations:

11. They have remained in these locations.

12. One of these locations was Palmer Park.

13. These locations are Idomi and Ugep.

14. A map of these locations is here: [1]

15. These locations have since ceased operations.

16. All these locations are nature reserves.

17. Tierra Nueva can refer to these locations.

18. these locations can be seen on an online map.

19. These locations were: ACT: Canberra Airport.

20. These locations were rejected due to cost.

21. These locations make up Mobile Bay.

22. These locations are more than 1,500 km apart.

23. The map shows both these locations.

24. Where these locations refer to is unclear.

25. These locations are referred to as refugia.

26. All these locations are closed.

27. G Lake can be one of these locations:

28. These locations are fictional.

29. Xiaoba may refer to these locations in China:

30. Where these locations refer to is unclear.