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these ideas in a sentence

1. These ideas eventually fell from favour.

2. These ideas can be interpreted variously.

3. Otherwise we will confuse these ideas.

4. These ideas were far less influential.

5. I had all these ideas and couldn't do them.

6. These ideas never came to fruition.

7. He's always got these ideas for things.

8. These ideas can only be like other ideas.

9. Nothing has yet come of these ideas.

10. He finds some of these ideas questionable.

11. These ideas did not exist in a vacuum;

12. Both of these ideas are incorrect.

13. Some of these ideas are below.

14. Neither of these ideas was developed.

15. These ideas combine to give.

16. Some of these ideas came from my childhood.

17. Labour swiftly rejected these ideas.

18. One of these ideas was that of the "verse";

19. ALGOL 68RS generalised these ideas.

20. However, these ideas have art-based roots.

21. Guizot rejected these ideas.

22. Some Marxists have dismissed these ideas.

23. These ideas were quite controversial.

24. These ideas would produce leaders.

25. He never got rid of these ideas.

26. These ideas are now abandoned;

27. These ideas have been forming in my mind.

28. Emily weighed these ideas in her mind.

29. I discuss several of these ideas below.

30. These ideas are not learnt consciously.