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No. sentence
1 Where the immovables or movables of units or individuals are requisitioned or if they are damaged or lost thereafter, compensations shall be made therefor.
2 They told [informed] us after they received the materials from us and thereafter we have not received any official communication about the progress," he said.
3 Thereafter it contains the index of the next parameter to be processed.
4 youth, Socrates was a pupil of the philosopher Archelaus, and thereafter practised philosophy without ever writing any of it down.
5 Shortly thereafter, the plane landed at a military base without further mishap or serious injury.
6 Thereafter the degree of intensity tapers off until it is at its minimum during the third quarter phase of the moon.
7 If you need to transact e-mail with a semi-trusted party, a temporary address can be used for a few days, then abandoned along with any spam it might thereafter accumulate.
8 Soon thereafter, she returned to Tanzania to continue research and to establish the Gombe Stream research Centre.
9 They put the special abilities together and created the dragon whose power were beyond all other animals. They made dragon a deity and worshiped it thereafter.
10 In the 1920s Al Capone controlled Chicago's underground gambling dens, and for decades thereafter the city has shied away from the whole business.
11 Moreover, the scheme set a virtual price ceiling: if the price goes over $600 a tonne (it is currently $495), the government pockets 95% of the proceeds thereafter.
12 He showed precisely how to overthrow the existing order, but he did not say how matters should proceed thereafter.
13 He quite understood and reciprocated my good intentions, as I had reason to know thereafter.
14 She would become a regular lecturer there for several years thereafter.
15 Thereafter, whenever the user wants to access any DCE service, it asks the security server for a security certificate.
16 Mount Athos was considered "the Garden of the Virgin Mary", so other women were banned to enter. Thereafter, it became a forbidden area for women.
17 The panel will adjourn in March to avoid influencing unduly the general election expected shortly thereafter.
18 The deficit is forecast to start widening again by the end of the decade, and to deteriorate rapidly thereafter.
19 She would soon thereafter write for several Vancouver papers, as well as the World and the American in New York.
20 Thereafter, the strength and scope of this measure was adjusted on a dynamic basis, reflecting its continuous evolution and progress.
21 Both of the Custis children met with untimely ends; Jacky joined his stepfather's army but died from dysentery soon thereafter, while Martha suffered from epilepsy and died at 17.
22 Soon thereafter, they relinquished the town to the Soviets.
23 The section thereafter summarizes the scope and impact of asynchrony in federated execution plans.
24 Thereafter, any time a friendly neighborhood dog trotted by, we froze in our tracks, like statues, paralyzed by fear.
25 It showed her she was drifting away from the old ideal which had filled her in the dressing-rooms of the Avery stage and thereafter, for a long time.
26 with caledonian orogeny in the early palaeozoic , and underwent thereafter denudation.
27 Thereafter, enrollment rates would have trended down to about 3.2 years for the cohort born in 1986, rather than slowly rising to around 3.9 years.
28 That night Giovanni was able to walk away, but he did relapse soon thereafter.
29 Soon thereafter, Mom sent out her letters of thanks: "Milton," she wrote one son, "the house you built is so huge."
30 As the population ages and health-care costs gallop ahead, mandatory spending will grow relentlessly, to 14% of GDP by 2021 (see chart) and much more thereafter.