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No. sentence
1 He enunciated his theory to his colleagues.
2 Alchemical theory was rife with botanical analogies of ripening, growth and seeding.
3 But this is a difficult exercise: Looking at the state of international relations theory, one quickly realizes the absence of consensus about the best way to think about global politics.
4 From the measured results, we either reject the theory or confirm it.
5 This paper defined the matrix of fuzzy characteristics of sonar images based on the theory of fuzzing mathematics, and enhanced the image by using the sine fuzzy function.
6 When a few people in the press began pushing the theory that I could cost Al the election, I had a funny telephone conversation with him about it.
7 This scientist has put forth a new theory in his research field.
8 testing discipline has experienced perhaps steadier growth in terms of knowledge acquisition, theory, and application than the others we've looked at.
9 In a nutshell, this theory associated higher incomes with higher productivity and a greater contribution to society.
10 Instead of, he treated them as friends. He taught the students how to integrate theory with practice.
11 The theory was advanced by the great Lenin.
12 In theory, psychoanalysis is the philosophy of the unconscious mind; in practice it is a means by which mental disorders can be cured.
13 In this way they can better apply theory to practice.
14 His theory was immediately ridiculed and largely dismissed.
15 The author analyses the traditional three doctrines of corporation, and believes that the nature of the corporate should not be rigidly persevered in one theory, for the sake of daily practice.
16 why we need invention and theory in finance to minimize that.
17 So the psychological lure of egoism as a theory of human action is partly explained by a certain humility or skepticism people have about their own or others' motives.
18 My theory is established on the solid basis of facts.
19 He can document his theory with facts.
20 His passion for the theory was clear, until I asked him to tell me how he had invented the gull wings.
21 One theory has it that our memory can be jogged by hearing a word that sounds similar.
22 To test the theory, a chassis was dragged by rope and windlass along the floor of the Highland Park, Michigan, plant in the summer of 1913.
23 The theory doesn't apply.
24 But economic theory struggles to explain the bizarre world of fund management, where the market is fragmented but fees stay stubbornly high.
25 The experiment confirmed my theory.
26 have chosen this subject for my lecture tonight because I think that most current discussions of politics and political theory take insufficient account of psychology.
27 In theory, this system can cover all the pages on Internet.
28 Theory Of Operation: a rocket engine thrusts against a water filled syringe. This produces pressure readings on a connected pressure gauge.
29 Although" more complex in theory, "this system might be simpler to use in practice, because it would more closely reflect the" contours of creative life.
30 So the personality theory, follow the personality, is wrong if we say neither of these guys is Napoleon.