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theorize in a sentence

1. To theorize is to develop this body of knowledge.

2. As a result, they theorize, housing on that land becomes more expensive.

3. They theorize he may have had a heart attack.

4. Others theorize that it is Vendeuil-Caply or Bailleul sur Thérain.

5. Morgan had begun to theorize the Native Americans originated in Asia.

6. Some scholars theorize that Jesus was an Essene, or close to them.

7. Some scientists also theorize links between sunspot activity and ice ages.

8. That is, people who theorize about the nature of art and beauty.

9. Some theorize the original circular design was by Donato Bramante.

10. Police theorize it was from suicide.

11. The narrator begins to theorize that Long and Mrs.

12. Archaeologists also theorize that the stoa may have had a second story.

13. In A, they theorize, there is no such inhibition.

14. Don't theorize.

15. they theorize that the area may be an ancestral sacred zone.

16. theorize from the margins;

17. Some also theorize that culture is affected by emotions of the people.

18. He goes on to theorize that: "Darkness must be something real.

19. They theorize that Johnson &

20. Researchers are invited to theorize, formulate and produce.

21. In the second stage they theorize about what has led to this threat.

22. They theorize that Tom is attacked by an intruder.

23. They theorize that One gave her legacies to Adam.

24. Some theorize that Jimmy Hoffa is buried there.

25. The boys theorize their father did this to keep him quiet.

26. Structural Marxists sought to theorize it as a mode of production.

27. Other works theorize about the meaning of intersex bodies.

28. Some historians theorize he was the victim of foul play.

29. But none of the arts theorize about individual cases.

30. To theorize in advance of the facts biases one's judgment.