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theorised in a sentence

1. Another theorised origin is Anglo-Saxon mægðe to refer to mayweed.

2. It has been theorised that low body temperature may increase lifespan.

3. It is also theorised that this is the basis for the modern word salary.

4. As a libertarian socialist, he theorised guild socialism.

5. In 1874 he theorised that didymium was in fact two elements;

6. Sri Badat's faith is theorised as Hindu by some and Buddhist by others.

7. Each group of six is theorised as related to each other in various ways.

8. Some archaeologists theorised that infant sacrifices have occurred.

9. It was theorised to be a witch bottle.

10. this is theorised to hold true across the Atlantic in surface layers.

11. This includes theorised links with obesity, diabetes and intelligence.

12. These are theorised to be the RV Tauri stars.

13. It is also theorised that insects on Earth and Sirius share a same ancestor.

14. which is theorised to be commemorating an act of a "martyr".

15. It is theorised that these canyons were created by katabatic wind.

16. It has been theorised that the capotain inspired the top hat.

17. Another association between Shakespeare and Field has been theorised.

18. Cayley theorised that a cone-shaped parachute would be more stable.

19. Joe had theorised that the only safe way out would be through the basement.

20. As such, it has been theorised that the tail may have been used as a weapon.

21. It is also theorised that this is the basis for the modern word salary.

22. He theorised a North Italian or Etruscan origin for the runes.

23. He theorised that this would trigger the rainfall.

24. Some authors have theorised that they only met within The Knights.

25. Much in this area is still under-theorised.

26. The debris impact was theorised to have caused an electric arc.

27. it has been theorised that Perkin was one of Edward's illegitimate children.

28. It is theorised that they are mutilated versions of Greek inscriptions.

29. Vygotsky theorised that learning is most effective within this zone.

30. Poetism was first theorised by Karel Teige in 1924.