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theoretic in a sentence

121. It is derived here from its theoretic unsyncopated form, a repeated trochee (¯ ˘ ¯ ˘).

122. Another important question is the existence of automorphisms in recursion-theoretic structures.

123. For ring-theoretic concepts in the language of modules, see also Glossary of module theory.

124. This might result in a totally flat truth-theoretic framework, or even arbitrary truth values.

125. From 2–6 April, Stepanović completed the theoretic part of his exam in twelve subjects.

126. These "lattice-like" structures all admit order-theoretic as well as algebraic descriptions.

127. Yet, in laboratory experiments it is possible to directly test contract-theoretic models.

128. In this respect, it is very closely linked to the system-theoretic approach to control design.

129. Thus the group-theoretic notion of commensurability generalizes the concept for real numbers.

130. Neither identity nor causality is the proper relation between sensed blue and theoretic blue.

131. His dissertation title was Large Cardinals and Strong Model Theoretic Transfer Properties.

132. Contract-theoretic screening models have been pioneered by Roger Myerson and Eric Maskin.

133. Primitive-root diffusors are based on a number theoretic sequence based on primitive roots.

134. From the model theoretic point of view, the Rado graph is an example of a saturated model.

135. Independently Ehud Hrushovski has proved model-theoretic results on Frobenius automorphisms.

136. The latter is another name only for revolution, about which there is no theoretic controversy.

137. His current interest is applying systems control theoretic approach to turbulence control.

138. Functional Value Iteration for Decision-Theoretic Planning with General Utility Functions.

139. Some of her spaces are even normal Moore spaces under suitable set-theoretic assumptions.

140. however, when viewed from a measure-theoretic perspective, it is a standard Brownian motion.

141. For the number-theoretic applications, see glossary of arithmetic and Diophantine geometry.

142. Neyman's information theoretic approach opened new research areas beyond bounded complexity.

143. Coloring game problems arose as game-theoretic versions of well-known graph coloring problems.

144. His thesis was titled Recursion-Theoretic Techniques in Complexity Theory and Combinatorics.

145. Fischer (1972) re-proved Szmielew's result using more standard model-theoretic techniques.

146. Knowledge-based models are further subdivided into "information-theoretic" and "predictive".

147. Theoretic and experiment study of a shipboard attitude reference system using laser gyros.

148. This study offers theoretic basis for utilization of Alpinia zerumbet (Pers. ) Burtt et Smith.

149. juvenility of theory and practice makes us carry further theoretic discussion necessarily.

150. The first part concerns the theoretic foundation of Maritain 's philosophy of moral education.